Homemade yogurt

I have been facing an abundance of fresh milk. Which is excellent but my family does not consume a gallon or so of milk a day leaving me pondering how to create space in my fridge. Cheese making is an option but also is far more labor intensive than I initially expected and I need to do more research.

My inspiration to use this surplus came from my daughters favorite (non-dessert) snack–yogurt. Surely this must be simpler than pressed cheese, and it was. Following a simple recipe on the New York Times website I was able to use an abundance of my raw milk. I used the raw because the milk heats to about 190’F, which is well past the temperature needed to pasteurize.  I used a little of the left over plain yogurt I had in the fridge and poof in the morning I was rewarded with a giant bowl of yogurt. My oldest daughter informed me she loved it because it was so creamy (but needed more sugar because it was a little too tangy).

I sweetened about half and added chocolate chips and used my recycled baby food containers (which are perfect for lunch snacks and other snacking options).  After experimenting with a couple bowls I ended up using corn syrup to sweeten as it mixed in better than regular or powdered sugar and I didn’t feel like making simple syrup. I also added a couple tablespoons of vanilla for richness. So if you have found yourself with more milk than you know what to do with, yogurt may be your answer!