Happy Birthday Nikki and Dani!

It appears I have once again fallen behind in my Tuesday Dinner posts.  I will blame it on picking up hours over spring break so my co-workers can have a vacation… and the remodeling that has the house in pieces.

These two lovely ladies could not have picked taster menus!

March 20th:

We had an amazing dish that I guess you would have to call Roast Beef Lasagna.  Layers of lasagna noodles filled with tender shredded roast beef, caramelized onions and loads of gruyere cheese.

We also had a Fruited Salad and Oatmeal Honey Bread.   And for dessert, nothing would do for Nikki except Sin Cake (with extra caramel)!


We skipped the 27th.

April 3rd:

Dani typically manages to choose some of my comfort favorites and this year was no exception, Cheesy potatoes and Ham (with a cranberry and ginger glaze).  A salad and corn.  And for dessert Black Forest Cake (and a “plain” chocolate cake for the non-cherry eaters)

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