A small group this last week, 8 adults, 1 tweenager and three toddlers.  In celebration of Valentines Day, we had an apple cider pork roast, heart-shaped roasted butternut squash, roasted potatoes and of course delicious homemade bread. And the pièce de résistance individual Neopolitan Napoleons.

It was determined early on in the conversation that we are not big individual celebrators of Valentines Day.

(But the girls all got their Valentines socks and the oldest got a how to draw horses book.)

Because if they do it because they have to get you something does it even count?

My littles actually ate their way through their dinner… and a few other peoples plates, they weren’t picky whos lap they were sitting on.

So can you tell what I did differently with the roast?  I’m looking for feedback.

Well, it would make terrible stew, but probably amazing BBQ sandwiches.

We talked about job interviews, hockey games, puppy classes and farm animals.

Hey, do you want to take the sled and go off the roof?

Umm, no…

Don’t ask the other one,

She’ll do it.

Dessert was presented, my oldest passing out the confections Mom was creating, and everyone waiting quietly in awe for theirs.

What do you call these?


Well technically they are Napoleons

Because they are small?

I guess they are actually Neopolitan Napoleons, they are strawberry, chocolate, and the vanilla pudding.

Which is the most amazing pastry cream.

About this time my husband showed up… as the baby was helping herself to his potatoes.

Better fluff that up so it looks like there is more food there.

Hey, I tried!

What happened?

Dad got stranded on the side of the road, had to go rescue him.

Meanwhile, over in the living room, my middle girl is literally standing on a pedestal declaring herself THE BEST QUEEN EVER! While her little sister was doing her best to dethrone the self-proclaimed queen.

Which of course inspired conversation of the Royal family’s pending wedding, the succession of royalty, Mary Queen of Scots and various other royal considerations.

It also resulted in my little Queen knighting the neighbor in order to fight dragons.  He wisely declared fidelity to her and was spared being slain with the lincoln log.

And yes Mom, we all loved the strawberry roses!!!



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