Deep Dish Pizza!!!???!!!  Yes, folks, it happened, my parents made pizza for dinner, something they said would never happen.  Being a little busy trying to get my kids in some sort of order to eat I did not get an exact count of the pizzas but I believe there were at least 6 on the table.  My favorite was the Spinach and Meatball, followed closely by a mild Italian sausage with green peppers and onions.  Rumor had it there were also pizzas laden with spicy Italian sausages, spinach, olives and other such delicious toppings.  Oh, and there were breadsticks and salad to decorate the plate around the pizza.

The littles also feasted on noodles and tiny meatballs, but  I know mine at least ate a few bites of a slice of pizza too!

There were 14 adults, 2 tweenagers, and 5 toddlers feasting on pizza.

Book any craft shows for the year yet?

Not yet, since my milk source is gone, not sure what direction I am going with the soap yet.  How about you?

Got a few in the books so far.

Dinner started with a bit of a baby brawl when my youngest climbed into her cousins’ high chair and declared her self Yurtle the Turtle, Queen of All She Sees.  My niece was not impressed and gave a fantastic performance of injustice, nearly turning purple.  After a few (like 10-15) minutes of playing musical chairs, all the children were situated in a semi-agreeable arrangement.  Including the one toddler playing contently on the floor with the quacking ducks on a string

Say prayers, please!
Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day Amen!

Hey, even the ducks were quiet for prayers! Good job buddy!




Ok, well go! Run!

I’m going to sit with my friends and eat dinner.

Good idea baby.

Inquires were made over the varieties of pizza, and plates and dishes were passed around until everyone was settled with a variety of their choosing.

Adorable little Valentines envelopes decorated the place settings, handmade by one of our Tuesday Dinner family members.

We talked about scrapbooking, personality quizzes and kids.   How the young man was doing on his mission trip (he joined the local soccer team already!)  We talked about possible promotions and haircuts and hiding food that had spilled onto clothing…

As we started to clear the table, maybe like 3 pieces of pizza were left.  The kids all ran off to play, and happily, there were very few outbreaks of tears.  I think the two big sisters helped keep the peace amongst all those toddlers.

We talked about taking the little kids grocery shopping versus using home shopping services (in case you are wondering, this mama takes her show on the road some days I know we are a sight to be seen!!!).  We talked about scrapbooking or rather the lack thereof, and the pictures my mom had been unearthing recently.

Dessert started making its way to the table, a Lemon Pudding cake that was light and airy and oh so lemony tart! Paired with fresh blueberries it was very tasty!

My little-assumed niece was happily having it spooned into her mouth, which made my heart happy to see a little girl love lemons as much as my oldest did and still does!

Because we are related right?


As everyone was finishing up and getting ready to head out my mom showed me this picture that she had recently found.  This is the day my first horse Mysteri cam to live with us.  I was about 10 and a half, just about the same age my oldest is now.  Needless to say, I was crying while reminicing.27540894_1997518297179612_8096353031125264778_n



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