Happy Birthday Lily and Moira!

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since these little girls joined us!  I don’t think I can correctly refer to them as babies anymore since they are now both toddling around with great enthusiasm.

To celebrate their birthdays, their mom’s collaborated with my parents to create dinner.  My sister made a Chicken Alfredo casserole with cherry tomatoes, and dinner sister made a lovely salad.  My parents filled in the blanks with Oatmeal Wheat bread and sauteed asparagus with bacon.

Their celebratory cake was my mom’s famous carrot cake, which she decorated.  I don’t think I have mentioned my mom is an outstanding cake decorator and I will have to find her book of some of the amazing cakes she has made over the years.  This was a sheet cake featuring two adorable little owls, also made of cake.

The headcount was a little all over the place until we actually sat down, in the end, we had 13 adults, 2 tweenagers, 3 toddlers, and the two birthday girls.

Can you say prayers, please?

Oh! Do you mind if I do?

Aww, go right ahead!

Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful family, this beautiful day, these beautiful little girls we are celebrating that bring us so much joy.  Thank you for this beautiful meal.  And the wine.  Amen!


Did someone write that down?

(I didn’t and I don’t know if it is exactly right but it was beautiful :))

We talked about the tennis tournament competitors that were staying at one of the couples home for the next few days and the tournament itself.

We talked about how much all the littles have grown.

We talked about the new skywalk at Whiting Forest and how the glass broke when bumped by a rock, leading to the contemplation of the PSI of a rock.

My aunt was busy keeping all the littles in line (there was plenty of tears and roughhousing to go around).  We talked about incubators and what types of chickens to raise.

Reminiscing about old jobs and why they are not missed.

My middle child was offended to no end that the birthday party was not for her, and consoled herself by eating one of the owl heads…

A best cake in town competition and why mom would win hands down…











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