Happy Safe Travels to You!

This past Tuesday we had a very small group, only seven adults, one tween, two toddlers and one newly walking baby.

For dinner, we had Beef Enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce, shredded beef, and all of the toppings you could want.  This was served with white rice and white bread.  Dessert was one of the most decadent apple pies you could ever eat, Southern Praline Apple Pie, delicious apple pie piled high with a cream cheese and pecan topping.

My newly turned three-year-old was very excited to tell everyone that she is going to be a “Salamander” at preschool, and took the time to tell her aunt about the costume she was expecting to wear!

We all made sure to congratulate my niece of her only hours old accomplishment of walking across the room all by herself!  She promptly started ransacking cupboards and anything else she could, trying to keep up with her cousins I am sure.

But the majority of our conversation focused around a young man, that even though this was only his third dinner with us, we have known his entire life, and his parents are regular attendees at Tuesday dinner but were out of town this week.

The reason for the extra attention being that he was traveling for mission work to Africa on Friday (we have heard he made it safely there).  So, of course, there is a lot of interest in what he would and wouldn’t have while he is there.  What other trips were like in comparison to what he expects from this trip.  Was he packed?  Should we send pictures of food for him to drool over?

We also talked a lot about future places he would like the group he works with to go.  Australia was a big one, and having been so lucky as to have gone twice in my life so far I highly encouraged this! (Seriously if you ever have the opportunity, go you won’t regret it at all!  If you get a free ticket you don’t want, send it to me and I will go for you).

Scotland was a place that was talked about going to and how old places in Europe feel in comparison to other places including Mackinac Island.

When dessert time came, my three-year-old was beyond excited to sing Happy Birthday.  To be clear, since her birthday around Christmas time, we have sung Happy Birthday for nearly every dessert and have even made additional “Birthday Cakes” because she so loves singing and being sung to.  As a compromise, my mom put a birthday candle in the pie and started singing “Happy Safe Travels to You!” and presented the pie to the young man.  My daughter without missing a beat climbed over him to make sure SHE blew out the candle.

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