Happy Birthday Amanda!

Tonight we celebrated my sisters birthday. She chose for her meal, Rolled Pork Roast stuffed with Wild Rice, baked sweet potatoes, salad, and bread. We also had a pumpkin apple bread with homemade apple butter.
Joining my sister for her birthday dinner were, seven adults, two tweens, two toddlers and a crawler.

All my kids were super excited to see their tween cousin as they don’t get to see him as often as they had this summer when he spent time on the farm with us. So needless to say they were brimming with energy (especially the toddlers).]As we all settled down to eat my daughter recited our dinner prayer:
Bless this house Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day amen.

As the food was passed around my littles decided they needed EVERYONES rice, and the tweens were only too happy to share theirs.

How do you eat this?

You’ve never eaten a sweet potato before?

Never like this, do I eat the skin?

Usually not.  Do you want brown sugar or honey?

No, I’m good.

Well, I wouldn’t say no to a little sugar!

I hear happy anniversary is also in order!

How many years have you been married?

33, and how many have you been married?

Since 1980.

37 years!?  Wow!  So, Emily, how old does that make you?

Ummm, whatever 2017 minus 1985 is?  I don’t know, in the thirties, but I have no idea.

Your 32.

Sounds about right.

And we discussed when birthdays stop mattering/counting.

A toast was raised to friend and family who hold us together.


Ching Ching!

We talked about auras and energies, and chicken cannibalism and craft shows…

Wait, chickens will eat eachother?

Yes, if they see blood they are all over it, they will pick holes into the unfortunate bird.

One of the homestead bloggers I follow had written an article about how she caught her egg breaker by hollowing out an egg and filling it with blue dye.

That’s awesome!

What happened to the egg breaker?

Well, she either got removed from the flock or removed to the pot…

Hurry kids get candles lit, they are melting!

Is that a big tray of custard?


That would be amazing if it was!

Is it apple pudding cake?



Ok, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Amanda Happy Birthday to you! (As she ran across the room to blow out the candles because the pan was too hot)

Shortly thereafter the kids ran off to play.  Chicken babysitting, Wi-Fi complications, and magazine completions were discussed. And as my littles started to realize they hadn’t napped all day, everyone started to trickle out to the tune of overtired toddlers who didn’t know if they wanted to play or destroy a room,









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