I think the pictures speak for this weeks dinner more than anything I could possibly say.  And I am sure I am prejudice, but seriously how gorgeous are these kids? When they put their cute on they really rock it!

We did have a new adult face this week subbing in for one of our Mama’s who was out sick.  We had 13 adults, 2 tweens, 2 toddlers and 2 babies.  To eat there was Pork loin with a cognac sauce, fresh corn off the cob, rice,  apple bread (it was a white yeast bread made with apple juice and grated apple, amazing!)  And then there was the cake… SO AMAZING, chocolate cake filled with layers of chocolate and raspberry mascarpone!

My youngest toddler slept through most of dinner, one of those bedtime busting naps.  The babies played and conspired together on the floor in a pile of noisy toys.

My husband was missing, picking up the turkeys from the butcher, a two-hour drive…

One of the moms was also missing, not feeling well.


Don’t forget your hat.

Right. Thank you.

Speaking of hats, did we tell you our hat story?


So, we were camping and decided to go for a bike ride.  There is a path that goes right along the main road and as we were riding along we saw this big straw hat.  So our son, stopped and picked it up and put it on his head.  There was really nothing wrong with it, just a big straw hat.

Then he starts singing “If I only had a brain,” and I was surprised he knew every single word!  We go a little further down the path, with our son singing and a guy yells from the road, “Hey! Is that, that hat?”

Our son replies, “Yep!  If I only had a brain…” And, we keep going back to the camp ground where a little girl asks him, “Hey! Is that that hat that was on the road?”

“Yep, If I only had a brain…”

And another guy in the camp says,

“Hey! Is that that hat?”

“Yep, If I only had a brain…”

Then we get settled around the camp fire for the evening and he takes the hat off, looks at it and says “Hey! There’s a dead frog in this hat!”

Sure enough, there was a little dried out frog in the hat, which he flung out and put the hat back on. “If I only had a brain”

I’ll fight you for a piece of that cake!
That’s right, you guys go out side and fight for that cake.

Sure, when we come back in it will all be gone.

That’s a chance you’ll have to take!


Were you still interested in that secretary still?

Well, we were thinking about starting the business again, I’d need one then.  But it depends, how old is he? What does he look like, does he mind if the furnace is on all the time so he can’t wear a shirt…

Like Fabio?

Maybe a young Fabio

Does he have to be Scottish?

So, if he arrives on a stallion with his hair blowing in the wind, so be it huh?

(This goes on for a while, and I should clarify the secretary in question is a piece of furniture)

Then the kiddos all head over to the big tire swing next door.  I am pretty sure my middle child will be an astronaut!

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