This Tuesday was Burger Night.  After a harrowing week of county fairs and family reunions simple was the name of the game, and who doesn’t love a grilled burger?  To accompany this classic, there was also Coleslaw, Grilled Mushrooms, Fried Potatoes, Bread, and Cheesecake with fresh peaches (or hot fudge sauce).

The evening started with a trip over to the neighbor’s BIG tire swing, which of course was super exciting for my little dare devil.  Only the temptation of seeing the new kittens was enough to pry her away from the fun.  And of course, the kittens were adorable and it was a challenge to pull everyone away from them!  I assured the little girls that it was in fact time for the kittens to take a nap and we would visit again soon.


Mom! Look at the spider I made!

Oh! Nice, you finished your robot!

Pretty cool.

Squish spider!

No, don’t squish that spider!  That’s your sister’s special toy.

Sit here.

No, the baby needs to sit there, you are a big girl.

Sit here?

That’s the other baby’s seat. Want to sit by Mama?


OOOO mushrooms.

Can you say prayers kiddo?

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day.  Amen.

How was fair?

Good, I got champion dairy cow and champion turkey.  I sold them for a lot of money too!  Grandma and Papa bought the dairy by accident, they bid and everyone else stopped!

She did really well, made us proud.

Who bought the turkey?

Mom’s friend from the flower shop.

To eat or to keep?  To eat, they have an appointment with destiny next Tuesday.

How are you feeling?

Better, I just can’t eat much and I do ok.

Gallbladder? You just need to get that out.

If it bugs me again I’m sure I will have to, I already called the Dr.

You’ll feel so much better once it’s gone.

No! Just let her get down if she isn’t going to eat.


Does she want a chicken bone to chew on?

Sure, worth a shot.


Is that the awesome coleslaw?

It’s just average coleslaw…

I doubt it’s “just average” coleslaw.

Have any of that bistro sauce?

Oh yeah, that would be good on the burgers.

Or my potatoes.

See kitties?

You have to eat first.

See kitties?

Kitties are still sleeping.

Kitties love me!

Of course, they do, they would love you to eat too.

How’s the radio business?

Pretty good.

Up for any awards?

Not at the moment…

How was work today?

Well, I spent almost two hours pulling porcupine quills…

Oh man.

Yeah, so please excuse the gore.


This is the quietest I think I have ever seen her sit.

She is waiting to see the kitties still, figures your the best shot.

How about some dessert first?

See kitties? Black kitty bite me.

The kitty bit you?

Yup. Bit me.

Are you going to make it?



Kitties love me.

(more laughing)

Who wants cheesecake? With fresh peaches mostly from our tree.

Maybe you should get it a friend and you’ll get more peaches.

Or we just need to keep the squirrels and raccoons away.

That would help too.

She and I can share a piece, I can’t eat a big one.

(totally ignores me)

There is chocolate sauce too.

Carmel sauce?

That would be good, but no.

I think she’s going to need a piece.

Ah, she just divided this one in half for us (the two-year-old jabbed the fork right through the middle of the piece and left it there and yes they did share, although a second piece did make its way over)

Where did she go?

Taking pictures of dessert.

How are you going to get that into the blog? (I managed ;))

It wasn’t long after dessert everyone started heading home.  We were all pretty tired from the weeks’ events.


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