What now feels like the last day of summer, as the temperature had dropped significantly since Tuesday we enjoyed my Dads signature summer meal, BBQ ribs, and potato salad. Mom also made blueberry and strawberry pies to really make it feel like summer!  We’ve all been craving blueberry pie since they are in season, and talking about it a few days before Mom and I realized no one had made a strawberry pie this year and that simply won’t do.  We also had homemade baked beans and as always bread (if you’ve noticed I’ve stopped trying to keep track of what type of bread, it gets changed so slightly most of the time I never know exactly what’s in it, but always delicious).

My cousin’s son has been hanging out at the farm this summer so I arrived at dinner hauling in 2 tweens and 2 toddlers.  Waiting there for us were 11 adults and one baby.  You would think this is an acceptable ratio of big people to small people, I feel like I need a border collie in the mix (although Blake the old man, he was out and about at dinner, feeling better since his pain meds got adjusted, but he is still more interested in eating than guarding).

Can she sit with us? She always eats better.

Yep, let me get a chair and move stuff around.

Mom, can I get that chair?  I’d take this one but…

No! That one is not sturdy, take this one.

All set?

Go ahead and say prayers

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day.  Amen.


Ok just a second.  Is there juice in the fridge?

Yes, sorry I forgot to get them cups.

No problem.

AHHHHAHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!! (toddler wailing and throwing food when she sees the juice)

Hold on, I’ll get you a cup too!

Do you want potato salad?




Can I have the beans please?


Just a second….

Have you read much of the book yet?

No, I keep trying to but, well you hear them.

Well, when you’re finished I could use it.

I’ll bring it to you tomorrow, it could take me years.


So to end this, this has literally been sitting open on my laptop for WEEKS… I even missed downloading the pictures from this dinner 😦  Things like toddlers climbing on me, donkeys invading turkey coops and other various insanities have been slowing me down a bit.  I missed fair week, because of course, that is a busy time for us!  My oldest girl did amazing and made me so proud.  Hopefully, I will have last Tuesdays dinner posted soon!

Correction! I did download the pictures of the wonderful pies!

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