And here we are on Monday again, to where the details of last Tuesday dinner have started to escape me, but the happy memories of good times and food remain.

We had a nice group of people together for dinner, 11 adults, 1 tweenager, 2 toddlers and 2 babies.

For dinner we had something like a pork stew, Dad didn’t have a specific name for it although he and Mom apparently have been eating it for a while.  When he first was describing the dish to me I had a flashback to the terror of a dish that still haunts my memories (Chicken Marengo in case you are wondering).  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dish did not resemble it at all.  The pork was braised in tomatoes and peppers and was tender and rich.  There was extra of the sauce to pour over white rice. Along with corn and bread.

The excitement for dinner came at dessert with the fire show.  Not to be confused with the Samoan fire dancing (which sparked lively conversation), we had Bananas Foster and home made Vanilla Ice cream.

We talked about horses (we will be having a new one join our farm soon!), some nerdy talk of which I was bummed to miss most of as an emergency potty break was needed by the toddler.  We talked about the summer reading program and my girls got some great new books.  The babies I think are starting to form plots against the rest of us to get more food, and certainly had the giggles sitting next to each other in their high chairs (or thrones and I think they viewed them).

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