So yet another week has flown by on me, with out posting about Tuesdays’ dinner. Anyone else feel like summer is over and you totally missed it?
Prior to dinner my kids and my cousin’s son were having a blast playing with hundreds of water balloons, buckets, sprinklers, and hoses. Needless to say, they were all burnt to a crisp at dinner 😦 I hadn’t realized how long they were out playing or I would have added more sunblock to the situation. Such is life though when the first week of summer didn’t show up until mid-July.

My dad chose dinner this week (we didn’t realize Aydin would be there for dinner this week otherwise he would have gotten his birthday dinner! He will get a makeup dinner for sure!) He has been wanting Cassata cake (basically a cannoli in cake form), and to go with the cake we had Seafood lasagna roll-ups with a white sauce, white bread, salad, and green beans.

We also had a new face at the table, one of our frequent flyers brought her mom to dinner and it was wonderful to meet her!

If I am counting correctly there were 9 adults, 2 tweens, 2 toddlers and a baby in attendance.

I showed off the new soap scents I am working on and got some opinions on the best presenations.

We talked about the picky and light eaters that were at the table (you know who you are).

A while ago you may remember my oldest daughters Disney Princess cook book made its way to a chef meeting, which has now evolved into a full on themed dinner for the residents (I am super excited about this, even though I am not involved :))

We talked about potential new furry family members (of all sizes), and up coming events.

The kids ran around crazy as usual and we sang Happy Birthday to Aydin (even if he didn’t like the cake).

And now that it’s Monday, I look forward to doing it all over again!

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