Last night I contemplated posting a funny meme like this about all the rain we’ve been getting here.  Its been days of constant rain, with little hope for a break.


Then about midnight, my phone went off with an emergency flash flood warning.  We are fortunately not in the flash flood area of our city, but we are low enough that such an alert makes us stop and check everything because we can go under quickly.

This morning I went out to see what had happened overnight because it indeed POURED all night and is continuing to rain steadily.  Since yesterday we have received over 4.59 inches of rain!

The little bridge that leads to the barn with the sheep was floating over the drainage river our pond has flooded into.  In many areas, the water is knee deep.  While all the animals have high ground for the moment, there is a very real possibility they will need to be relocated tonight.  We are lucky we are small enough to do this, I know for many larger farms there are staring down the face of a monstrous task.

Our garden is almost completely washed out and the bean field next to us is all but lost.  If you know a farmer in Michigan (and many other areas I’m sure) chances are they need, a hand, a hug, a meal or a drink today.  Their futures might be looking very washed away at the moment.

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