Wildlife Preserve

One of the things I love about our property is that wildlife seems drawn to it.  It is not terribly uncommon for an unusual species to saunter onto our property for a brief visit.  Last year we had quite a few surprising visitors.  We have had a history of Bald Eagles visiting ever since I was little.  We are about two miles from a place where they like to next.   This big fella was in our field for a couple days!


Immature Bald Eagle about 200 yards away from our house

We also had an unusual number of Great Egrets that graced our pond last year.  I was surprised to see one pair that seems to be hanging around, you can imagine my shock when I woke up one morning to find EIGHT of these huge birds in the back yard!  We often have one or two Great Blue Herons, but the egrets are newer.


Great Egrets just chill’n in the pond

We also have a couple deer that frequently watch me do chores, especially in the fall because they know our field is a relatively safe haven.  My family never hunted growing up and with the livestock around I don’t allow people to hunt our property and my husband gets long lectures from me whenever he thinks he’s going to.  During a drought this poor little creature risked everything to walk across our back yard in the middle of the day just to drink from the sadly low pond.


A fawn seeking relief from the crazy hot dry weather we had last year.

And this year, we so far have had two of the cutest little ducks I have ever seen!  I believe them to be female Bufflehead ducks.  One was hanging around for about a week before I could finally capture a close enough picture to see what on Earth was swimming in our pond.  Such a tiny little thing!  A second joined her the day after I took the picture.  We also have a regular attendance of Canada geese, which are not uncommon but our Khaki duck seems to be right at home with them! I am also pretty sure they have a nest somewhere nearby.

While most of these wild visitors delight me with their company, we also get our fair share of critters that are well, a nuisance.    The coyotes chill me to the bone when I hear them yapping in the middle of the night.  The woodchucks and muskrats tunnel and burrow and cause all sorts of cave-ins.  Raccoons and opossums torment the birds, stealing their eggs and sometimes attacking the birds too!  And we neighboring skunk that likes to dig for grubs in the yard… he’s never sprayed but we usually know when he is around and he sure leaves a mess!

Sometimes critter control is required to protect our farm, but on the whole, I am glad that we seem trust worthy to animals that are by nature wary of where they eat and rest.

Oh!and let’s not forget!  The elusive blonde 2-year-old farm girl!  She is the rarest and wildest beast I have ever laid eyes on!  Also one of the most beautiful, but I may be biased.

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