Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

An Italian themed dinner in honor of Sicily’s patron saint, who’s special day was Sunday, March 19th.  Now, we didn’t follow the traditional dinner if you look it up, but we certainly had a feast with a special dessert and breadcrumbs (representing the sawdust of Joseph’s trade).  For our meal we had;  Romane salad, Spaghetti with Meatballs and Italian Sausage, Bread Sticks (and white bread) and for dessert Zeppoli (cream filled puff pastry).

We had a new face to the table (but a very familiar friend!) and a full house for sure!  There were 14 adults, 3 tween-agers, 2 two-year-olds, 1 one-year-old, and two little babies.

Ooo Puff pastries!

They are for St. Joseph’s day, it’s like St. Patricks Day but for Italians.


Can you move the glass jars so the little girls don’t get into them?

You bet.

I brought your Rose soap.

Oh! How exciting!

Hey! I also brought your jars back.

Thanks!  I better go check on those babies and make sure they are being spoiled enough.

Is anyone going to sit down to eat? (Everyone starts to file in, the tweens are already staring hungrily at the food on their table.)

Alright kiddo, get this party started!

(Hey, why do you always have to say the prayer?  Because I’m the oldest grandkid here, it’s my job)

Go ahead, we’re waiting for prayers!

(A little loud with lots of importance) Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day. Amen.



(Laughter)  Of course, you do.

C’mon lets go.

Does the baby need food?

No, she’s been working her way through a few helpings of noodles and meatballs already.

OO that’s a good looking salad!

You know, last time we made this there wasn’t enough so we doubled it this time!

Do you usually celebrate St. Joseph’s day?

Actually no, we just happened to see it was on Sunday and thought it would be fun to celebrate.

We’ve always just pick-choose holidays to suit our needs (hahaha)

Can you pass the sauce?

Isn’t there a day in Lent where you get to cheat on whatever it is you gave up? What day is that?

Sunday, the 40 days doesn’t count the Sundays because they are mini-Easters.

Hmm, I think I am moving my Sunday’s to Tuesday.

Well, if you move church services to Tuesday you can get away with it I guess.

Our library had the title for the longest open library for many years, until a couple years ago when they had budget issues and had to close.  But before they re-opened they removed all the 70’s decor, you know the orange shag and what not.  They found the original tin ceiling tiles and fairy tale ceramics.

(She was providing a lot of beautiful descriptions about the library as well)

Wow, I kinda want to go visit the library based on her description!

Me too.

(Shifting to a different conversation)

She is a procurer of bricks, she “obtains” bricks from all over the country.

I do!  I have them from all over (I’m going to leave out the locations, but they are pretty famous!).  Every time I travel somewhere I try to get a brick or stone.

I was recently in Texas for a month long rodeo.  That was so cool!  They had the little kids ride the sheep, I didn’t think they would really do it!

Mutton Busting!

It’s super cute to watch.

Yeah, those little five-year-olds riding those sheep and holding the harness, they have rules too!

Did you get a brick from the Alamo?

No, but I have one coming!

(Lots of chattering as you could expect and a multitude of conversations, meanwhile I am not dumping noodles onto my children’s plates fast enough, and the tweenagers having inhaled all available food in their vicinity headed outside since it was a nice day)

Did you want to go see the Amish this weekend for lumber?

Yeah, what day?

Well, it would have to be Saturday, you work Friday and they aren’t working Sunday.

Saturday it is then.

Here are the new wine cases I’ve been working on.

They are beautiful!

Hey! You are here early tonight!


And people are starting to trickle out to get little kids and babies home…

You didn’t joke back with me earlier are you ok?

Oh yeah, just a head issue.

Head issue?

Yeah, my head hit the ice.


Oh hey, glad to have another member of team concussion!  I got kicked by a sheep!

So, I’ve been reading the old Tuesday blogs, catching up.  Do you bring a tape recorder or just remember all of that?

I just remember what I can, no tape recorder. (Insert fist bump here)

Have a good night!

(My kids are melting down, pajama time)

I’ll try to get those pictures to you sooner this week!

No problem! Thanks!  Can you send the recipe list too?  I forgot to make a copy…

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