Brinner (3/7/17)

Looking for an economical meal plan that is sure to please?  Look no further than breakfast for dinner!  And although Mollie couldn’t SAY that she wanted pancakes and eggs for her birthday dinner, the way she chows down on them on any given day made it a no brainer.

On the menu for this most important meal of the day; Bacon, Sausage, Spinach and Mushroom Egg Bake, Ham and Cheese Egg Bake, Pancakes, Apple Cinnamon French Toast Casserole with Buttermilk Carmel Sauce, an assortment of melons and grapefruit, Challah bread and Mimosas!  To end this sweet and rich dinner dessert was a Peach Sorbet.

Around the table were 11 adults, three tweens, two-two-year-olds, a one-year-old and two babies.


“If you’re going to stand there you can watch the bacon”


Come on in!

Are we having pancakes for dinner?

Yes we are, a whole breakfast for dinner.

Where do you want me to put this bacon?

That’s not done!  Crisp it up!

Ok, but when its crispy where do you want it to go?

Slowly people start to shuffle in through the front door, conversing amongst themselves as us early arrivers chat with Mom and Dad in the kitchen while they finish cooking.  Little babies are unpacked and Mom gets to hold the little one she doesn’t get much chance to see.  My goodness, she is getting big and has the chubbiest little cheeks!

We talk about new recipes to try, butternut squash and spinach lasagna might just be on the  menu soon!

How’s your horse?

We sold her.

What? Did you get a new one?

No, we are going to lease the one I ride all the time.

Dinner is almost done, just a few more pancakes to flip and put out on the table, getting the littles settled into their seats and started on food because they are clearly not going to survive another 30 seconds without pancakes and sausages.

This is the new and improved produce bag.  This one was a lot easier to make!

You made these?

You know if you take a match to the end of these the cords won’t unravel.

I think they would be great at the farmers market too.


I was going to put the French Toast on everyone’s plate so we don’t have to move the pan around. (I start dishing it out onto all the plates)

What are you doing?

Mom told me to put a piece on everyone’s plate.

What if they don’t want any?

Who isn’t going to want this?  He can decide if he wants some when he gets here.

Ok, fine I was just doing what I was told!

Ok, say prayers girl (she is running around somewhere in the background instead of sitting at the appointed kiddie table)

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day. AMEN! (Crash landing into her seat)

How come you guys are eating meat? Aren’t you Catholic?

It’s not Friday… we can eat meat.

You mean I didn’t have to give up meat every day for Lent?

Well, we have always only done Friday, but the Father’s and Priest might do it more…

I guess I qualify.

It’s a good thing.

The food is passed around, and one by one the little babies have a meltdown, as only brand new babies can do when they sense their mothers are about to eat a hot meal.  The conversations move back and forth between topics of school, the giant pieces of bread one of the tweens helped cut up (certain people at the table were not disappointed to be sure).  Talk about prospective new jobs and potential job losses.  Aren’t we supposed to have a couple more here tonight? Where are they?

Hey Chef!

Ooo, breakfast!

There’s pancakes, casseroles, french toast (Make sure you get the amazing sauce!)

Where’s the French Toast?

See! I told you he’d want some.


Dad said not to put any on your plate in case you didn’t want any.

When have I ever said no to any food here?


Where did your sister go?

I don’t know.

Hey! Make sure the door is closed so the littles don’t fall down the stairs!!!

The second shift of parents get to sit down to eat their food because that one little one just isn’t having any of it tonight.  Here, let me give it a try, I am a pro with cranky babies! (And yes, she fell asleep for me)

So when are we going to get started?  Do you want me to cook and bring the food to you? Do you want to see the list?

For the calendar?

Calendar or cookbook, I want to get started on both!

Hmm, better let me see the list.

I have this little vision too, of “sustainable cooking”, to kind of go along with the sustainable farming we are trying to achieve.

What do you think of this wine tote? (Some, intense discussion about what could be improved, the size of bottles it would fit, other of us making commentary about purses that you can pour wine from… but the leather wine tote was super cool.) Then sewing lessons to improve the produce bags longevity and other little tips from those who know better. And the worm colony is growing!

And slowly everyone starts to file out, getting tuckered kids to bed and off to hockey games and other things.  Picking up the whirlwind of toys and destruction that only a herd of sugared up kids can make. Hugs and kisses to Grandma and Papa and Aunt Royleen.

Good night!

P.S.  For a chance to win a produce bag and a copy of Viate Magazine, click here!

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