Happy Birthday Mom!

Although she might not admit to having a birthday per se, she gracefully acknowledges that we all want to eat cake to celebrate her anniversary of entering the world.

We had a smaller group tonight, my three kiddos and eight adults.  Choosing for her dinner we had, Asparagus Soup, Roasted Pork Loin with gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Sesame Bread, and Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Things went a little bit like this:

I really like your shirt.

Thanks!  It gets better (flips the cowl neck up into a hood), I don’t often buy new clothes, but I bought this one brand new.  I just feel really cool in it.  And it’s one of my non-maternity shirts that still fits.

It is totally a “popular girl” shirt.

Is your husband coming?

He will get his way over here eventually.  I told him I had to go, I have pictures of food to take.

And I appreciate that!

Is your husband coming?

I don’t know, his Dad and Step-brother came over to hunt coyotes in the back.

Ah, well it’s dark so…

I have no idea.  I guess it depends if they get one or not.  But I’ll tell you what, if you want to stress out a barn full of prey animals, just start using a coyote call in their pasture.

If you all sit down we could eat soup.

Ok. (Those of us present find a seat)

This looks amazing.

You need to try some, its asparagus.

I. Don’t. Like. Soup.

Just a taste that’s all you have to take.


You can’t spend the night if you don’t take a bite.

I’m not spending the night anyway.

What? Well, that backfired.

Do you want some Gruyere cheese for your soup?

This is really good.

Hey, are we going to say prayers?

Oh ,yea!

Bless this house Lord we pray keep us safe by night and day Amen.

Can I have the bread, please?

Hello, come find a seat.

It’s Asparagus Soup.

How did you end up so far away from the baby?

This one wanted me to sit by her, I didn’t put her chair in the middle of the table.

( I would just like to make a note here my sister didn’t get to speak much as she was busily trying to feed the baby, which is a full-time, thought consuming, hands on task sometimes, like this time 🙂

So remember how you said you were looking for babysitters? Well, if you Dad takes this new job he got offered we could be traveling a lot.  (Talk about an attention grabber for the table)

What job is this?

A wine conousre.

For who?

A company.

You aren’t going to tell us?

What if she tells us the baby’s name? Then you’d have to tell.

I am not telling the baby’s name.

How did you come across this?

I was standing there looking at the wines, as I often do and an employee said I should apply for this posistion when it opens up.

At Eastman Party Store? (This is a major wine store in our town)


(A couple other guesses)

Are they going to train you to be a sommelier?

You should apply for the postion.

What does it pay? If they are going to pay me and send me to school I might.

I have long believed people my age should not have jobs, to keep them avaible for you younger people.

Thats true, he has always believed that.

So where is it.

It’s a company in Michigan.

Are you really not going to tell them?


Speaking of classes, I was supposed to tell you about a photography class, but its on Tuesdays so I can’t tell you.

They are always on Tuesdays darn it.

This one was for beginners.

Oh, well…

I see you analyzing the bread, did you figure it out?

Did you toast the sesame seeds? It has a lot of sesame flavor, for just seeds.

Sesame oil.

That makes more sense, or tahini paste.

Just sesame oil.  It’s one from the bakery, it makes great toast in the moring. Not french toast.

I could see how this would make bad French toast.

It goes good with a lot of different things…

Chinese food….

Hey you made it.

Did you get a yote?

No, didn’t get one.

Did you even see one out there?


Congratulations on your name change!

Oh! That’s right! That happened this week.

Thank you!  I am so excited, it’s like I am officially married now after all these years.

Was he excited to?

You know, it’s funny.  He has been waiting for this for a long time right? But the day of I wore a pretty dress and everything, because this was like getting married again right? Changing my identity.  I called him like 5 minutes before our appoinment and he was just scraping off the car.  I said you realize it’s like 5 to right? “I thought it was more like 10 t0.” and I said well, I will meet you inside.  Also, I had a special pen with his new name printed on it just for the occasion. So, he rolls in late, which the lady just had started doing the paperwork while I was there waiting, it didn’t look like he had even brushed his hair!  And I asked him, “Did you bring the pen?”,  (sighs) “No,” And being all hormonal my eyes started welling up and he says “Please don’t cry!” and I didn’t.  After a couple minutes he leaned over and said “I love you so much, thank you for not being mad.”  Then she handed up the papers and said “Ok, your done”, we didn’t even have to sign anything, just nothing, on our way.

Did you remember to let Lucy out?  You sure drove them all crazy.

Yeah, I let her out.

Well grab a plate, your just in time for dessert.

Where are the birthday candles?

Birthday candles?

Yes, for her cake? We at least have to sing.

Why do you need to sing?

To celebrated the (somethingth) anniversary of your 29th birthday.

No you don’t.

Did you want to take a picture of the cake?


Umm, are we going to si….

Happy Birthday (everyone joins in) to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear MomDeniseMom, Happy Birthday to YOU!

I think that’s a rather big piece for a two year old.

Did we forget you?

No she is waiting for a big piece.

(The baby is SCREAMING and pounding on the table because she realizes there is cake in front of her)

Here switch pieces with her, this one is more toddler sized.

Ok, what size piece do you want?

I’m not gonna lie, I want a big piece, don’t hold back.

I totally understand… I was there with this one.  Bring on the cake.

I broght the soaps for you.

Oh, great!

There is Lavender and Oatmeal Honey. I had Lavender Rosemary, but that was popular and they are gone, they look just like the Lavender though.

You know what you need in your soaps? Lanolin.

What’s that?

It’s the oils from sheep wool.

It makes your hands really soft.

After shearing sheep, back when we were raising them my boots would be all soft and shiny from it.

I don’t know how you get that, I know you can, I have a tiny tube of it.

I don’t know, I don’t know if its just from the wool or from the skin.

I don’t really want to if I have to butcher them every time….

What are you talking about?

How to get lanolin.

Kinda a wierd question to ask the butcher to save the lanolin if thats the case….

According to Google: You boil the wool with water and salt until its all evaporated and that’s lanolin .

Awesome!  And I know just the person who would want to try this with me this summer!(Sue, wanna try this???)

Here, I this is for her to open.

Well hello, thank you.

Here can you open this (this is the baby opening a present)

Awe! Baby’s first Christmas hat and stocking!  Thank you!

Yeah, that way she can wear it and you can pass it down.

Super cute thanks!

Did you hear the UP got like 40 inches of snow in a 24 hour period?

Oh man, that stinks.

You know, when I was a kid we had a rope from the house to the out house.  The blizzards would get so bad you couldn’t find your way back and forth.

(Everyone laughs)

You’d see cars with poles tied to the front of them and they had flags attached, so when you came to an intersection you’d look up to see if there were any flags coming.

That makes sense.  I tried to see around a few corners last year and that would have  helped a lot.

Are you headed out?

Not yet, just need to find the bathroom.  Where’s the rope?!?




This IS the most delicious chocolate cake in the world.



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