So, what do you do with the kids?

Farming is hard work. It takes the help of everyone on a small family farm, including the kids.

Over the last couple months I have had different friends ask me, “So, what do you do with the kids when you are doing chores?” Or “What happens if there is a farm emergency?”

Most of the time the answer is, they go with me.


A lot of the time my oldest will stay in the house or play on the swing set with the babies while I milk the cows, clean water buckets or other farm tasks that don’t take too long.  She has also stood guard when I’ve had to run out in the dark to find an escape critter or dealt with an emergency while I wait for help to arrive (I thank God all the time my parents live close and don’t question the get here now phone calls).

Other times, I am able to sneak out very early or very late while they are sound asleep. When my toddler wakes up she runs to look for the bucket of “moo juice”. The baby, well she likes to start her day way, way too early. But she loves the wagon ride even if sitting waiting for the cow to be milked is boring.



The long and the short of it is, sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to have little kids and the farm, but they aren’t an inconvenience.  They are learning lessons about responsibility and personal strength they won’t get anywhere else.  I love nothing more than to see all of my girls enjoying farm life and each-other.  I love knowing I can trust my oldest to make smart choices if I can’t be right there.  I adore seeing the babies giggle when a gigantic horse or cow sniffs their hair.  So, what do I do with the kids? I let them farm.


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