Spilt Milk

“There’s no use crying over spilt milk.” How many of us have heard that old idiom before?  I know many of you mama’s out there, like myself have likely cried over spilled milk.

Last night the cow stuck her foot in my full milk pail, which would have ruined the milk, even if she hadn’t knocked it over.  I could not help but to start crying.  Not because we were depending on this pail of milk for our meal (although I know a pail of milk is a meal for all too many in the world), but because of the waste.  The wasted energy and feed the cow spent making the milk, not that she seemed to mind in the least, the waste of my energy milking her, the wasted time my girls were waiting for their dinner, and the wasted milk that could have fed the calf or been consumed by my family or friends.

This isn’t the first time I’ve cried over spilled milk.  As a nursing and working mom, knocking over a newly pumped bottle or spilling even a little transferring that bottle to storage was often enough to make my eyes well.  So much energy put into caring for my sweet babies, and then it felt like it was all for nothing.  To all you formula feeding mama’s out there, I know you get it too, fumbling around in the middle of the night with a screaming infant in one arm only to drop the finally warm bottle and watch it splash all over your feet.  I have been there.

Then there are the moments when the toddler dumps their milk on the clean– you name it, the moments when you used the last of the milk to make something that should have been spectacular, failed.  I am sure most of us moms (and likely everyone else too) if we are honest can think of a moment milk has brought us to tears.

I have been blessed enough in my life that these moments of tears come from stress and exhaustion.  I have never been truly afraid that my baby would go hungry, even for a little while because of my mistake.  Too many parents out there have that real fear and my heart breaks for you.  Please know you are constantly in my prayers as are your little ones.

Spilled milk is an unfortunate event it’s true, and worrying over it might not do us any good. Feel free, though my friend to shed a couple tears because we both know that it is not the milk and it is not the unfortunate mess.  The tears are for the effort spent trying to show love and ending feeling inadequate.

Even if you are exhausted or frustrated, even if you spilled the milk today, even if it is not fine, they know you love them and you are strong, even if you don’t want to be right now.

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