Fridays are Pancake Night

I hate Friday… Yes, I said it.  I hate Friday.  I understand I am counter- culture not screaming TGIF late Thursday night, but it is true.  For me Fridays are filled with grumpy kids because they have been away from home the last couple days and need to vent to their mother.  It is full of me being grumpy because when I finally hit my front door at 7:00 PM, I not only have to feed all the screaming children but also all the animals who are ‘concerned’ that they have had to wait an extra hour to be fed.

One night I cracked, there was absolutely nothing to be had in the dinner department.  My kids were clearly not going to wait an extra half hour for me to thaw meat out or boil potatoes or anything else.  Then my oldest daughter amidst the chaos says “SO, what is for dinner anyway?”  With my very best mom glare, I looked at her and said “Pancakes.  Got a problem with that?”

Maybe not my most diplomatic moment as a parent, but I did not get one single complaint and in fact, everyone ate their dinner with smiles and had pleasant things to say.

I’ve got this, I thought.  The next week breakfast showed up for dinner again and while my husband gave me a little bit of a hairy eyeball, the bacon and potatoes vanished without trace and the extra pancakes I thought I would have for the morning were also gone.

Now, it isn’t always pancakes, tonight we had waffles and other nights its eggs and toast.  They are simple and everyone love’s breakfast food for dinner.  And why not?  We usually eat some sort of potato for dinner anyway, eggs are an excellent source or protein.  Bacon and sausage, I mean come on….

And they all only take a very small amount of time to prep, cook and serve. While we might be lacking a vegetable, I usually have fruit in the mix.

So if you are feeling stressed and out of dinner ideas my suggestion is to look to breakfast for the answers.

Have a little extra time (like maybe 20 minutes)?  Try making some homemade pancake syrup!  YUM!!! And a fraction of the cost of store-bought.   Visit the recipe section to find out how to make it!

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