The Stew That Started it All


You might be wondering exactly how this meal time gathering came into being.  The truth is it happened because my parents are amazing people.  The type of people who you can’t always appreciate growing up, but as soon as you become a parent yourself, you get it, suddenly their awesomeness shines through.

So the Tuesday Table story starts simply with a bunch of hungry teenagers and my mama’s stew.

For three years my mom fed a small army of teenager’s lunch every school day.  Our school allowed us to leave during lunch hour and I lived very close to the school, so naturally I went home to eat.  At first just one of two friends would join me and before you knew it there would be up to eight of us clamoring at the table about our morning and devouring our food ( we always sat down at 11:11 A.M. too, how cool is that?!?).  Stew day was everyone’s favorite, and the turn out on that day was probably better than school attendance.

I know we always appreciated the food.  After a time the kids would start leaving their lunch money to help cover the costs and some parents even donated some things to help feed us when they found out what my mom was doing.  I also know that my mom enjoyed hearing all the gossip—I have also decided this was a professional interrogator move, plying us with food to make us talk.  But only looking back can a appreciate the massive undertaking feeding so many kids a real meal, and cleaning up after us truly was.  My mom might just be a Saint.

Now living in the house I grew up in, I hope that I am able to offer a similar experience for my daughter and her friends.  This house proves that good food brings people together and provide a little comfort in the day.

There are several variations to my mom’s stew, but beef was the popular favorite.  My personal favorite is a combination of pork and beef, and she also makes a great pork stew as well.   Please visit my recipe page to make this delicious stew for yourself, and no stew would be complete without biscuits, so you will find the recipe for those there as well.  Enjoy!

Our Favorite Beef Stew    Homemade Biscuits

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