How to stretch a chicken breast

So, have you ever come home only to find that you indeed still have to make dinner? You are exhausted and haven’t been shopping in a while.  As you are scanning your fridge and freezer you find one lonely chicken breast that didn’t make into dinner a couple nights ago.  You’ve had this happen right, it can’t just be me.  Well one tiny chicken breast really isn’t much for two people, especially when your husband is a trades-man and a farmer.  But with a little creativity we both managed to enjoy a pretty tasty meal, and feel satisfied on not a whole heck of a lot!

My trick?  I baked two large russet potatoes (in the microwave because lets face it, after 7 o’clock no body wants to wait more than 10 minutes for dinner in my house) and then loaded them with this quick chicken topping.

While my potatoes were cooking away, in a pan I started some butter added two slices of bacon I chopped up, while that was crisping I added a sliced onion from the garden and let that cook for a bit until the onions started to get soft.  Then I added a handful of frozen mushrooms (a freezer staple) and while those were warming up I chopped my lonely chicken breast into small bite sized bits.  I tossed those into the pan as well with some salt and pepper.  When the chicken was about done I added 3 Tablespoons of flour and a little more butter.  Stirred it all up and added enough chicken stock to make a gravy.  I then added about a teaspoon of Tarragon from my herb garden.

About the time this topping all came together the potatoes were done, a slice down the middle, a little salt and pepper (and just a tiny bit more butter), and BOOM! They were ready for the topping and dinner!


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